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PROtechs 50 mixed pack

PROtechs 50 mixed pack


Number 1 in finger protection

* These 50 mixed pack is perfect for a busy salon *

The new and improved PROtechs v2.0

At 30mm they’re now longer than before to provide more PROtection with better coverage

It now has rounded diamonds to improve strength and reduce tearing

There are now 5 sizes that cover every ring size to fit all hands!

To get the most out of your PROtechs measure your finger circumference to find the perfect size below before placing your order. We recommend choosing slightly smaller sizes than your ring size or mm measurements due to their flexibility

Use the size chart if needed

Size 1 41mm-46mm White

Size 2 45.5mm-50.5mm Grey 1

Size 3 50mm-55.5mm Grey 2

Size 4 55.5mm-61.5mm Grey 3

Size 5 61mm-66mm Black  

Please leave your size requirements in the order notes, use the PROtechs sizes ONLY or your order will not be picked and will be refunded

If no size is selected one of each piece will be sent