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Mermaid Ripple

Mermaid Ripple


Mermaid green

Please welcome the new beautiful mermaid ripple.

This is a thin paper like material that throws off different  opal like colours, almost like a mermaids tale!

And they are so easy to use and comes in 8 different colours! 

Size - 10cm x 8cm


PLEASE NOTE; These need to be encapsulated in hard gel or acrylic.

* Please note colour may vary from photos and may be different *

WHITE - A pearly white with throws of pinks under different tones of light.

GREEN - A pearly Green with throws of yellow & blues with different tones of blue.

PURPLE - A pearly purple with throws of blues & greens depending of different lights.

DARK BLUE - A dark blue with throws of greens & purples depending on light.

FUCHSIA - A beautiful tone of pink that throws of oranges & yellows. 

LIGHT PINK - A light pink opal look that throws of whites, light blues depending of different lights.

YELLOW - A yellow opal look that throws of oranges, blues & greens.

LIGHT BLUE - A light blue that throws of whites, light purples, & pink.